Testimonial #4

“Family law mediators should familiarize themselves with attorney Karen Pittman-Pace. She is at the top of my list of attorneys I feel completely confident recommending to my clients. Beyond her skills and knowledge of family law – which is more than impressive in and of itself – Karen is a great attorney for mediation clients because she truly listens to them, is sensitive to the emotional and legal issues of a case and therefore has never turned “a” problem into a legal battle. I know if I send a mediation client to her for one matter, she will do her best to keep it to that one matter. I do not fear her ramping up mediation clients to pursue unnecessary litigation – probably because her sole motivation seems to be how best to represent the client. Karen always returns phone calls and every client and every case is equally important to her and her firm. St. Charles, St. Louis and Jefferson County mediators should add Karen to the top of their attorney referral list. Your clients will thank you for it!”

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